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DJ Samson Dusk Nightclub

DJ Samson
Professional DJ based on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Originally from London, England.

Samson’s crowd pleasing individuality has been enhanced by his dedication and desire to play a selection of music styles. Taking pride in all of his performances and interacting with the dance floor, you can see how he has acquired his residencies and continued regular bookings. His abilities, devotion, passion and commitment for dance music and it's enviroment have sculpted his craft and recreations. 

Performing along side other dj’s, sound & lighting engineers, pyro-technicians, projectionists.Professional dancers, vocalists, percussionists, MC’s, guitarists, and other musicians in a variety of surroundings, has all helped to raise the standard of his technical skills and overall performance. An ardent promoter with a good understanding of what it takes to put on a successful event.

From concept to fruition you will find him involved at all levels smoothing the rythmic wheels. His desire to be in the mix at all stages of the event has given him an all round knowledge base. Additionally, Samson regularly offers his assistance outside of the DJ booth, showing his commitment in his bookings by communicating, promoting, organising, networking and helping to push things forward to it's ultimate conclusion.